Our Philosophy


Chambers + Chambers Architects strives for elegance and livability in every design, and is highly respected for the integration of architecture, interior design and landscape architecture. The work that emerges consistently speaks to elegant proportions and details, purity of form, symmetry, simplicity, and exceptional value. Our work features a refined use of materials, sophisticated color and strong silhouettes – a dynamic combination of discernment, taste, imagination and artistic overlay.  In creating new places for our clients to reside in and enjoy, the end results are beautiful, comfortable and of extraordinary quality.

The quality of our work is also reflective of the highly talented, in-house team of design professionals and support staff. Each has come to the studio with an understanding of and appreciation for classical design and detailing. Each staff member contributes to the overall character, excellence and success of our projects.


Barbara Chambers ~ Principal Architect 
Jessica Seaton ~ Architect, Design Director Emeritus
Kim Ngo ~ Architect, Design and Project Management
Andreia Vargas ~ Director of Interiors 
Kevin Hardy ~ Project Management
Jason Yee ~ Architect, Director of Construction Administration 
Kyle Chambers ~ Studio Associate 
Susan Lawlor ~ Studio Associate 
Rachel O'Keefe ~ Office Management and Executive Assistant
Roney Wiseman ~ Business Administration